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WMBC plans to include your name, spouse name, children's names (as listed above), photos (as provided by you), address, phone (home/cell - work phone available in online but not printed directory), e-mail (yours/your spouses), and WMBC Mailbox. WMBC will notify you if this list is expanded to include additional information. Directions will be provided to setting contact information to private; If there is any information we plan on including that you would like to remain private, we ask that you select that option when you set up the contact section in the directory. This will need to be done after you have logged in - an email will arrive in your inbox in the next few days providing you with the information you need to gain access.  Please note that WMBC requests a minimum of one phone number or e-mail address be left public to participate in the directory.

By pressing submit, I/we give WMBC permission to use the above information for me/my family in the online and printed church directories, provided I/we have not marked it private.

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WMBC uses Breeze Church Management Software (a secure online software based in the USA) to generate these directories. Upon clicking Submit we will send you your unique log in for your Breeze account.


Please fill in this form to be included in our online WMBC Community directory.